Cirque du Soliel, La Nuba

German wheels Wednesday night Belinda and I witnessed the most amazing sight we've ever seen. We attended Cirque du Soliel, La Nuba in Orlando at Downtown Disney. There aren't enough words to describe the spectacular event that it is. There were acrobats, gymnists, singers, dancers, clowns, bicycle trick show artists, tumblers, high wire acts and more. The colors, motion, music, sets, lighting and sound were an overload to the senses.  I found myself holding my breath when the ladies who wound themselves in the hanging drapes (whatever they really call them) where up near the roof. Then they came tumbling, spinning, twirling all the way to just above the floor. My mouth was dry because I wasn't even swallowing. I was hoping we wouldn't see someone fall. And of course they didn't! Man, you can't afford to have an off night in that business! Highwire

This was a gift to us from our friends at Healthy, Growing Churches. A consulting team from Florida. Their services are provided to us at Indian Creek from the Church of God in Kansas. They wanted to give us a night where we could kick back and be inspired. A generous donor told them he wanted to bless Sr. Pastors who are so often giving to others. We were the grateful recipients. We are thankful.  We had a super time eating in the park, riding a boat through the lake, talking about our marriage, family and ministry. What a night! I highly recommend it! If you have a chance to go–do it! Take a look at the YouTube video to get an idea of what it is like.

Gary Kendall