Yesterday at Indian Creek we had a time of commissioning and anointing at the end of the worship. It was inspiring to see hundreds who were stepping up to say, “I’m a missionary and I’m willing to fulfill my mission.” When I looked into their eyes I saw courage and resolve. It touched my heart in a deep place. 

Honestly, I also saw a look in many that said, I hope I’m up for what this entails. You never really know what you are signing up for until it unfolds. You may think you know but it usually tests you and tries you in ways you would never expect. In doing so it reveals your dependence on God which is a very good thing. I think God puts us in our areas of giftedness, passion and life’s experience but He stretches us enough for us to realize we need HIM if we are going to accomplish anything lasting. 

A couple pulled me off to the side at the end and asked us why we anointed with oil. I mentioned to them that anointing was used in both the old and the new Testament as a symbol of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Of course it isn’t automatic that just because we do it that God will bless or that power will come. But it is a prayer that we pray expressing our dependence on God and our realization that if He doesn’t bless and fill our efforts they won’t be enough. 

I believe that God is attracted to prayers of humility and prayers that desire the purposes of God to be fulfilled. I think God was honored on Sunday and that He poured out divine blessing. After our talk the couple wanted to go back in the Auditorium and be anointed. I think God is up to something BIG at Indian Creek and it is exciting to be a part.