Today Steve and Erin Southards shared the second message in the Warrior Beautiful message series at Indian Creek's Olathe campus . They did a super job talking about finding healing for the wounds warriors incur in the battles of life. One of the things Steve said that stood out to me was the comparison between the person who sets out to play football not to get hurt vs the one who goes out to play to win whatever it takes. I know the difference because when I played football I had to work through the reality that I could get hurt and it wasn't until I let that go that I could really enjoy the game and play all out.

It started me thinking about the Christian life. I realized there have been times in my life as a Christ follower where I played not to make a mistake which is similar to playing not to get hurt but slightly different.  Steve said the goal of Christianity is not to make us followers who are afraid to make a mistake but it is to make us dangerous.

That statement rang the bell for me because just this morning in a prayer time I told someone they could live all-out for God. They didn't need to go around worrying that they would miss God's will. God knows them so well that He knows how to communicate to them and He would do it quickly if they were out of step. Until or unless that happens they could just go for it as they felt led (assuming it was biblical of course).

I put two and two together from what Steve said and what I said in that  prayer time. God is pleased when we use the best of what He's given us and we are so dedicated to Him that we don't doubt ourselves every step of the way. Just like the ball player who is afraid to get hurt or afraid to make a mistake is playing not to lose so is the Christ follower who is second guessing every choice. It is a paralyzing place to live. And no doubt cuts down our fruitfulness.

I hope you will live to be dangerous to the devil. I pray you will go for it and know that yes, you could get hurt but you live for the One named the Healer. I challenge you to go all out! Don't be second guessing yourself–invite the Holy Spirit to lead you and to correct you and then give 110% confident that He will throw up the stop sign if necessary. We have enough Christ followers who are playing it safe. We need more who are willing to play to win the game! Steve, thanks for making me think tonight and inspiring me.

Gary Kendall