Day Five for the Daniel Fast

Today a group of men met @indiancreek café, Olathe campus, at 6 am as we have been for the last 5 weeks. We’ve been on what I call a “burst” of spiritual growth. We meet on the weeks between community group semesters. The subject of this study has been “Power Tools.” We are learning about the Holy Spirit and how to operate in the kingdom of heaven. Today Rick Keaton taught about how to pray and walk in spiritual victory. He did a great job presenting and he shared his own story with transparency. It was moving.
It was neat to hear that most of the men there were participating in the Daniel Fast. One man told me his pants were getting lose he was losing so much weight. I know that wasn’t the intended goal necessarily but it is a result most of us can embrace. Even my Mom told me she’s lost five pounds and she didn’t have it to lose.
Several of the guys described a real sense of peace that had settled in during these five days. They said it was well worth it. I’ve experienced that peace too. Two people told me that they plan to go 21 days instead of stopping at 7. This is new territory for many and as we head into the weekend there is a sense of expectation that God is going to move in us in divine ways. Yes, God, do it!
I’m praying for us corporately that if there is sin, past or present, it will be confessed and forsaken. If there is apathy it will be replaced by a “first love” experience. If there is lukewarm spirituality it will become white hot. I’m praying that we declare that God is only true desire of our hearts. We must surrender completely to Him. Then I’m asking God to forgive us and extend mercy and grace. If there are consequences to our sins I’m asking that they be pardoned. I’m praying that we will be a trophy of His grace in His eyes. I ask that Jesus would cleanse is and wash us clean with His blood. I humbly but boldly pray for His blessing and favor on Indian Creek. I ask that He would restore His anointing and fulfill His promises. I pray that He binds the works of the enemy and uproots any foundation he’s attempted to build. I ask for complete and utter victory so that no weapon formed against us will prosper.
I believe God for a new day at Indian Creek. We are outwardly and completely declaring that in Him alone is our satisfaction. We exist to do His will. We know we are only saved by His grace. Our righteousness is in Him alone. We need Him desperately and I believe He wants to bless us and use us to accomplish His will in Kansas City. Please pray with me.