Day One Medical Mission

We saw patients today as a team (I’m not a doctor so you don’t want me working on you). I’m so impressed by the professionalism of this team. There are 41 of us including doctors, nurses, lab techs, cardiologists, pediatricians, hospital administrators, dentists, etc. One doctor, who is also the team leader, brought five from his hospital staff. It is so impressive to see them dive right into the work of seeing the patients.  This hospital we worked ( I guess technically I should call it “practice”) at today is rural and has a very simple setup. Many of the patients are poor. The local church partners with the medical team by supplying ongoing resources. This way the patients can get the appropriate follow up care and prescriptions to support long term progress.
Another piece of this trip for our team is education. One third of the team is in the classroom today teaching. They are covering subjects like birth control and AIDS prevention. Still another group is doing general physicals for the poor. And there are dentists here doing exams and teaching general care for your teeth. It is a privilege to see the passion and love that is pouring out through the team. Our leader said this has been a difficult place for the church to spread the gospel. The team is demonstrating the love of Christ even when they can’t share the Good News as openly as they would like.
We at Project Partner bring American medical personnel and when we add this to the mix it is dynamic. There is cross cultural learning and the connection around the love for the patients is obvious. All of this serves to place the church in a position that is favorably received by the government. They are here watching and supporting the process. This is the kingdom of heaven advancing not by proclamation but by demonstration.