Day Seven the Daniel Fast

Today we wrapped up the Daniel Fast with a great “Ridiculous” evening worship service. There was a lot of joy @indiancreek today. I think the fact that we were denying ourselves things that are natural in order to seek after God created a sense of expectation. There was a good crowd and the worship was sincere and spirited. 

The funniest story I heard was from Jon DeWitt.  I asked him how the Daniel Fast went for him and he said, last night I was dreaming of Fogo De Chao. The waiter kept bring the meat to my table and just I left t my flag up.I cracked up laughing but boy could I identify. 

Rich and Dana Graham told me tonight that they had a real sense of peace this week. They wondered out loud if it was because their metabolism was running slower without protein. That is an interesting thought. I believe God supernaturally blesses those who obey but it makes sense He would do it through a natural way in addition to whatever He does divinely. 

It did cause a stir that we didn’t serve donuts in the cafe. There were some disappointed children and we wish we would have spread the word more broadly and started earlier. We will own that mistake. We spread the word in the enews but it never feels good to see a child cry over the fact that we didn’t have donuts or bagels. We did serve fruits and veggies. It didn’t make sense to us on any level to serve the normal fare when we were asking people to abstain. What I found interesting is that there were a few people who really blasted our cafe crew and let us have it for not providing coffee and donuts. While that was by far the exception rather than the rule I find that attitude of entitlement quite fascinating.  

I am interested to hear the stories of God’s provision in people’s lives. I’m sure that they will come. The consensus was that this was a very good thing. I’m hoping that this is not an end to ridiculous living but is the start of a new normal. I think some of the breakthroughs and miracles people are seeking will come quickly and some will springboard from this showing up at a later date. When you have yours I want to hear it. Please share it!