Day Two at the Summit

I don’t know how Bill Hybels and team does it every year but this year is no different, every year I think this is the best ever! I was challenged, inspired, thrilled and sobered this year all in two days. As Bill is fond of saying, “When a leader gets better, everybody wins.” Here is the short summary of what tripped my trigger this year.

Patrick Lencioni – I would be fine with adding Jim Collins and Patrick Lencioni every year. They could be annual faculty as far as I’m concerned. Here is what got me, “Organizational health is the greatest competitive advantage.” Be smart, do the right things on the business side but don’t neglect the health side. Minimize politics, reduce stress, and minimize confusion with clarity. It will increase proficiency and reduce turnover.

Dr. William Ury – Conflict is something natural and necessary, you don’t improve otherwise. It is not a question of “if” we will have conflict but rather “how” will we deal with it. The biggest barrier to resolving conflict is you! In other words you are your own worst enemy when you react defensively. Go to a spiritual balcony and take a wider perspective look. Separate the person from the problem. Be hard on the problem but gentle with the person. The cheapest resource you can spend is respect. Listen. Value. Honor. Ask, what is it you want? Less talk. More walk

Pranitha Timothy – I was undone within the first two minutes. Her parents were missionaries and once she hated God but later she turned to Him and He miraculously traded her hard heart for a heart of flesh. Shortly after that she developed a tumor that caused her to be mute. But God healed her so that she can speak albeit with very little volume.
She said her voice is feeble in the physical but it is powerful when it is is in God’s hands. How true! She has led over 50 rescue missions to free slaves. I couldn’t stop crying listening to her stories of how many people are in slavery. Thank you God for using the weak things of the world to confound the strong.

Mario Vega – Mario spoke of what to do when you have to deal with failed leadership. He told the story of the prophet Samuel having to deal with King Saul. You must live to please God no matter what it requires you to do in your human relationships. It may divide to take a biblical stand and live with integrity. You will never regret doing what is right and it is the only way God can bless you.

John Ortberg – Another who could be annual faculty. John did a masterful job of reminding us of the impact one man, Jesus, has had on the world. It is impossible to measure. For twenty minutes we marveled at Jesus. Jesus brought all peoples together. Jesus changed the way we think about history. The calendar is based on His birth. Jesus changed how the world expresses compassion. The Jesus movement shaped education. Science came out of Christendom. The Jesus movement transformed art. The Jesus movement shaped political history. Jesus changed how we think about human rights and governments. Jesus taught us how to love our enemies and much, much more! He is King of Kings, and Lord of lords!

Jeffery Canada – The star of the documentary, “Waiting for Superman.” ┬áCEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone. Hope is infectious but so is despair. They have marked off 100 blocks in Harlem, South Bronx and are working for sustainable, transformation there. They start working with couples after the birth of their child and they follow up throughout out grade school. He was profoundly reached by his Grandmother and he wants to be that for others growing up there.

Bill Hybels – The local church is still the hope of the world. Bill told stories I’ve heard before but I never get tired of hearing them. He tracked how his view of the church went from hopeless to hopeful to where it is today. The church will survive because Jesus is the One building it and leading it. He called us unapologetically to go all in. He even had us sign a promise and have someone else witness it. I’m glad.