Day Two Clinic and School

This morning the team divided up again into groups of three. One group did routine physicals for grade school children. Well, I guess they are only routine if they don’t turn up any problems. We learned through the eye exam screenings one of the young girls was nearly blind. I was moved by the compassion of the team. These are skilled professionals and yet the kind of care they gave the young girls as they worked with her separately was impressive. 

Another group went to the grade school classroom. They did dramatic sketches that had 100 plus students entertained for an hour. They tell me the demonstration was educational too. It was hard for me to pick up a lot but I could tell that part of it related to general hygiene.  I learned later that they wrote the dramas and the songs on this same trip two years ago. I was in awe of the way that they had the kids eating out of the palm of their hands. There is more I’d like to tell you but you need to ask me personally.

The third team was a group of doctors who work together at a hospital. They staff the emergency room. I think this is exceptional because the Director of the ICU and the ER was with them. He is our team leader. They work together with tremendous respect and coordination. They served at a clinic where the poor who can’t afford to go to the doctor or a hospital came to receive treatment.  They saw patients and teamed up with the local doctors. They took great care to position the local doctors as the heroes.

We took a break for lunch and I ran to my room to write this. One thing that stands out to me is the value of simply being a servant. Here I’m one of a team of 41. I don’t speak the language. I can’t preach or teach so I’m one of a team of people who love Jesus and my role is to demonstrate His love. It is a good thing that a smile translates into any language. I find it helpful to simply concentrate on being a servant and that is very liberating. It’s taken me about 4 days to slow down and unwind but in my spirit there is a trusting, simple, dependence on God that He is in control and all is well. This is really good for me. I came to serve and here I am benefiting–how fascinating. God is Good!

I had an interesting experience a couple of days ago. Each morning I get up early to run for about 45 minutes right at the break of dawn. The jet lag plays into this some. When I went to run one of the mornings it was still dark. I could barely make out the path but fortunately there was enough light from the streetlights that I could make out the outline. I couldn’t tell what was on my right. When I turned around and ran back the sun was starting to creep closer to the horizon. Through the first light I realized I was jogging next to a cliff that overlooked the ocean. I didn’t realize that! There were beautiful gardens that went from the road to the beach. I had missed the beauty and the danger in the dark. But on the way back it was really cool to take it all in. It made me wonder how much I miss on a daily basis.I’m sure I’m in the dark about a lot. I want to trust God to open my eyes and enjoy all that He has done.