Divine Appointment

These are the kind of things that can happen when you start living SENT. Last Friday I was running some errands. The first ones went a little smoother than anticipated and I thought, I have time to go get my haircut. I went to the place I typically go and took the first stylist available.  She asked me what I do for a living and I told her I was a pastor. She said, that’s interesting. I had a dream that I cut a pastor and that God set it up. I asked what’s up and she began to tell me about some things that were troubling her. Belinda and I have been through similar circumstances and I could relate at a heart level. Someone had given her some bad information about her life experience and I was able to share scripture that spoke directly to her need. We shared a holy moment when the truth washed over her. I praise God that He knows our needs and He is out to redeem even the most difficult trials in life. 

Here is a link I sent to her to follow up and encourage her. I hope it encourages you too. It tells the story of Colon Burpo, a boy who died on the operating table but was revived. He experienced the reality of heaven and in the process he teaches us about eternity and how to prepare for it.