Drinking from Polluted Wells

Tomorrow we launch the Soul Detox series at Indian Creek. Here is an excerpt from my message. It will be incomplete if you don’t get what goes before and after so join us on the Gardner or Olathe Campus campus.

One of the reasons why I keep pushing us as a church to get outside of the U.S. and to partner with our global partners in mission is because it gives us a better chance to evaluate what is going on inside America. Sometimes we lose perspective here of what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

Once while I was in India I had the most amazing clarity about who God is, what He is up to and how I fit into His plan. I remember on the last day, while praying, I said to Him, Why can’t I hear this clearly like this while I’m in the U.S.? A thought came back so fast it felt like it was a conversation. It was this, You (and I believe he meant it in the plural) are drinking from polluted wells.

Jesus referred to Himself as the living water and the water of life. He knew that water is the source of life. If you don’t have good water it is virtually impossible to be healthy. When He is our source we have healthy souls. When we drink from polluted wells it makes us soul sick.

Anyone have a soul that feels weak, shriveled or sick today? Do you seem to take one step forward and then two back? Maybe you go to worship gatherings and feel inspired to go change the world but when you get outside the Christian bubble you are the one that changes. When is the last time you heard from God with clarity in your soul? Do you feel a focused sense of purpose.

During those two weeks I was free from virtually all of what I listed below. It gave me a clear contrast for purposes of comparison. We need that from time to time. I encourage you to go with us to one of the ten plus trips we have in the next 12 months to China, Peru, India or S. Africa. You’ll come back changed for the good. I can come back and weed out things that I now realize were hurting me.

You can do that too whether or not you go out of the country. You can create focused moments and clear time to listen and worship anywhere. India isn’t a perfect place. You don’t need perfection–the Spirit speaks clearly anywhere you are, the question is, are you listening.  This is one reason why we host a four week series like Soul Detox.

Proverbs 25:26 says, If the godly compromise with the wicked it is like polluting a fountain or muddying a spring. How muddy is your water? What are your wells? Where do you go for wisdom, or entertainment, or inspiration? Where do you turn for relaxation or down time? When you need a boost where do you turn?

Emotional drama
Web sites
Do you focus on lies?

The first step to defeating the enemy is to recognize him. Next takes steps to overcome. The message continues in the gathering. I hope you will set aside time to let God speak to you.