Embrace the Messiness

Those of us who work in the ministry must understand that the very nature of what we do is messy. We deal with people who are unpredictable and we deal with the cleanup from sin all the while countering the unscrupulous moves of the enemy. It is not going to be simple, clean, easy or predictable. Embrace the messiness.

In the ministry we work with a continually changing environment because the variables in the lives of the people we lead are changing. Health or the lack of it, finances, relationships, jobs, others in their lives, etc are not static but dynamic. Just at the time you think you understand how to proceed, something major shifts or a person you think you know has a change of mind. Ministry is messy and the sooner we embrace the messiness the better.

If you want a job where we are producing widgets and we can minimize the variables and control the environment then those jobs are out there, go get one. Embracing messiness means that we welcome the adventure and trust God and others enough to say let’s be part of the redemption story. It’s messy. Embrace it.

God is in the process of turning the nightmare of creation gone wrong into redemption and restoration. Sometimes we enter the story in a person’ life at the crisis point and they may be there awhile but we get the privilege of walking them to redemption or restoration. Often it is one step forward and two back. Many times we can’t see how God can redeem today’s mess. Sometimes they are a motivated learner and other times they want to pass the buck but since we’ve been there too dive in and help. Messiness stinks but embrace it anyway.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be mad at the people around you. Trust God and trust the process. Make friends and allies along the way and enjoy the journey. God’s chosen you to be a difference maker in the lives of others. Your investments are eternal. The seeds you are planting today will take time to mature. Some of the fruit you will never see. Plant anyway. Invest yourself. Love people like Jesus and ask for His help. He embraced the messiness and claimed it as His own on the cross. He calls you to pick up your cross and follow Him into the messiness. Embrace it.