Endecotts Living Out

Volunteer Spotlight
Larry and Kathy Endecott 

I love the way that Creek-ers live out the love of Jesus. This story is from Church Allen's newsletter. Let it inspire you!

This past winter Chuck Allen, The Urban Scholastic Center, Executive Director, spent a Sunday morning at Indian Creek Commnity Church sharing the vision of the USC with the congregation.  While he was sharing this vision, a couple from the congregation felt God calling them to leave their comfort zone of Olathe and to use their gifts to serve Him in KCK.

Soon after that Sunday service, the Endecotts met with the USC staff to discuss how they could help meet the needs of the USC.  Kathy felt called to work directly with children in the surrounding neighborhood.  The USC staff connected her with Mark Twain Elementary, the school that many USC students attend. 

Larry Endecott wanted to use his gifts to help USC save money on building repairs.  As a retired phone technician and general handyman, Larry dug right in- tackling some of the USC's hardest maintenance projects.  Larry replaced light fixtures, added electric outlets and fans and repaired broken doors and ceiling tiles.  He even helped some of the USC families with minor repairs in their homes.  Larry has lifted a huge burden from the USC staff as they now know that they can count on him to keep the building functioning effectively so that it can be used to serve the community.

Larry and Kathy are just two examples of how God can use individuals to help make a big impact on his kingdom in the urban core of KCK.  We are thankful to them and the many others who help make USC's ministry to the community possible. 

There are many ways to get involved with USC. Some people work directly with students, others use their handy-man or professional skills, still others pray for and support USC financially. We need individuals to get involved in all of these areas.