Even Elizabeth

Last week I spoke at Indian Creek Community Church, and I used this same story this week in Morehead, KY, to illustrate that nothing is impossible with God.  Read Luke 1:26-37, the section of scripture where the angel reveals to Mary that she will bear the Messiah, there is a verse that can easily get lost in the momentous truth of the virgin birth.  I love the part where it says (v36), even Elizabeth…you may think that is about as obscure as it gets but hang in there with me.


The scripture is saying is that God is even working in the life of Elizabeth! If God can work in even Elizabeth’s life although she is old and barren, He can work in anyone’s life.  That’s what the scripture says! This is like saying Elizabeth is an example of the most hopeless case—but nothing is impossible with God!


First let me ask you, how would you like it if your claim to fame was as an example of a hopeless case? Nevertheless there is something encouraging here because you might think not me. God hears the prayers of others, others get the blessings and you get the left-overs. It is too late for you or you can’t live the life of Christ follower. But this scripture says, there is no hopeless case!


Even Elizabeth has a God thing going on in her life and even for you, nothing is impossible with God! A good thing to do right now would be to say outloud even ___________ and put your name in the blank. I believe there is a miracle for you with your name on it if you will just give God a chance, yes, even you!

I attached the rest of the message in case you want to read it.