Eyewitness Trip Summary

It’s taken me a few days to get caught up here before I can get a summary out about the great work our partners are doing halfway around the world. I am so proud of the way the ministry unfolds. There is more than I can say in the media but you could call it humanitarian support that leads to community transformation. This leads to more opportunities for sharing good news.  

I love the teamwork. We were one of four countries that participated in this Project Partner Eye Witness trip. I highly recommend it if you want to see what it looks like to fulfill the Great Commission. We seemed to be literally “at the end of the earth.” If we weren’t you probably could see if from there. The region boasts 18,000 ft mountains. We did a lot of hiking. Sometimes the pastors there have to walk 9 hours one way to visit churches. I wish I could tell you the stories of passionate dedication we heard. Multiple times tears came to my eyes as I thought “only the love of Jesus does this.”

Kirk Kaiser and I meet Monday to put together a funding proposal for the region. The short list includes goats, walnut saplings, water storage units, community centers that double as gathering spaces, motorcycles for the pastors and training for pastors. I’d love to talk to you and work together to spread God’s love in this remote part of the world. We went to places where they’d never seen “white people” or “people with pointed noses.” It is a real privilege to continue the work of Jesus and the disciples. It would be great to work together on this.