Faith Works

Jim Davey Today we got to hear Jim and Mary Davey's faith story when Jim shared the stewardship thought at Indian Creek.  He began by quoting Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the assurance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. He then told how faith sustained them all along the way during their adventure to follow God.

Just after Easter Jim told me that he felt like God might be leading him to open his mind to a Lead Pastor position. He didn't know where it would be but he wanted me to know he was going to step out in faith to explore the options. While I didn't want him to leave I did want him to be in the center of God's will so if that was to move somewhere else then I was supportive. We began making plans to apprentice Steve Southards for the Olathe Campus Pastor position.

As we moved into the summer Jim was more certain that God was leading even though nothing had come to pass job-wise yet. Jim and Mary decided that they would put their house on the market, so they could be ready if something would come up quickly. They spent the money and effort to get in ready and listed it with “Mr. Olathe”, Wayne Janner. That was a big step of faith.

When August came Jim said God was putting it on his heart to set a date to resign even though the right opportunity had not yet presented itself so he did. I thought, this guy has…faith! :) Then a possibility came up to candidate for the North Hills Church of God in Phoenix, AZ. After a couple of visits Jim and Mary became so certain God was leading that Mary quit her job. She has…faith too! All this and the church hasn't said yes yet. By this time their house had sold so if things fell through they would be jobless and homeless.

Last Sunday Jim spoke in Phoenix and the church took a vote.  They voted 99.5% yes to invite Jim to become their new pastor. How awesome is that! Oh, and while they were there they looked for homes and put in an offer on a place they really liked. They were told the odds were long that they would get it but guess what? On the same day that the moving truck showed up to take all of their earthly possessions out of their home in Olathe their contract was accepted in Phoenix so now the stuff has a place to go! Can you believe it? God is GOOD!

I'm so happy for Jim and Mary. We will miss then. They did a super job at Indian Creek on two different occasions. Indian Creek will forever be shaped by their energy, vision, love and strategies. We will be cheering them on and remembering just how faithful our God is. Thanks for telling us the story Jim. We couldn't have written a better script!

Gary Kendall