Fasting Recap

Leading up to Easter I felt led to fast for 40 days using the Daniel Fast. I refrained from meat, sugars, breads, alcohol and “no fine foods.” The first two weeks were hard primarily because I was so used to just eating whatever I wanted. I had to develop discipline and that is always good. Once I got past wanting every sweet thing I saw then I settled into a groove where the primary thoughts were about the purposes for which I was fasting. I really did feel closer to God.

There were several things for which I prayed. One of them had a dramatic reversal the first week so that was great. Two of the others went the whole 40+ without being answered. In fact they are both still in progress but God is good. I have a lot of peace and believe more than ever they will resolve in a way that honors God. It is clear to me that fasting should not be viewed as a bargaining chip to get what you want. Fasting is an expression of genuinely choosing to focus on God. Whatever comes out of that is icing on the cake.

I learned you can survive on fish, salad, eggs and fruit if you have to do it but the clear winner was the time that I was able to invest in prayer. I really sensed God’s presence and the fasting was a small price to pay. I often heard from Him clearly and I treasure that. I would gladly do this again if God leads. I don’t do it to draw attention. I’m only writing to provide honest feedback to those who might consider walking this path. I don’t deserve credit. I’m just being obedient. It has been a joy to obey and if God asks you to fast welcome the opportunity.