Field Trip and Intentionality

Day 4 at the English Soccer Camp

This day was different than the others because the leaders planned a field trip to a place that fascinated the students. I’m not free to share that but our partners have a clear strategy and they are working it. It is inspiring to be around people with such a heart and mind dedicated to being their best for God. The message is getting through.

The evening gathering time went well. Again it is not something I should share online but thought is given to the moment and to the future in every activity. I’m getting good ideas that will be effective in the States too.

I realized sitting among these young middle school and high school students that I’ve been leading in ministry to students for 40 years now. Wow! That makes me ancient!!! But it is interesting here because there is a very high value for Seniors and longevity. The honor and esteem is through the roof. They love it when I join them for early morning stretching, when I keep up with them on the jogs around the field and do my best to compete on the pitch. They don’t take it easy on me when we are playing and I wouldn’t want them to but afterward they are all smiles. They keep reminding me not to hurt myself. I didn’t know I look that fragile J Actually they keep commenting about how “strong” I am whatever that means. Maybe they mean they think that anyone over 50 is ready for the rocking chair. Anyway God is using it.

I’m fully expecting eternal fruit from this camp not just in the individual responses but for those that may feel a call to ministry from this time together.

Thanks for your prayers. My cold is 95% gone. Praise God for His faithfulness. And if He hadn’t healed me I would have given Him 100% and prayed that in my weakness He is strong.

Gary Kendall