Find your Peru

Have you met Jason and Chelsea Reiswig?

Their son, Maddox, is rock star by the way even at x months old. If you need an introduction, Jason has been a part of Indian Creek for 3+ years. Several years before coming to us Jason and Chelsea took a mission trip to Peru and saw the big needs there. The Spirit of God stirred inside them and they felt led to stretch and begin a ministry there. Jason was preparing for medical school at the time but he is an entrepreneur at heart. He had more energy than resources but the vision was from God and clear in their minds. They gave what they had and Missions to the Amazon was born.

Their commitment was to mobilize individuals and churches to bring sustainable resources to villages in Peru to accomplish community transformation. They would do it through the church so that it set the church up as the provider. At the same time the ministry supported the local churches and pastors with training and resources so they could grow and plant new churches. The Good News would spread and communities would be changed. What is happening there is so positive we’ve recently added the Missions to the Amazon as a global mission partner.

When we met the Reiswigs they chose Indian Creek because of our heart for mission. We were attractive because there are so many young couples their age. Olathe Campus Pastor, Steve Southards, quickly saw their potential and included them in ministry. They became active volunteers and community group leaders. A little less than two years ago, Jason felt a call to ministry and made a career changing decision to join Indian Creek in the position of a Resident leading local live-out. A quick look at the growth and progress on the Olathe campus would confirm the job was a fit but only the beginning of his vision.

Here is where noodling and the Reiswig’s stories intersect—Jason often leads in his conversations with people by saying, I want you to “find your Peru.”

By that he means, he wants everyone to find a life-calling that is so captivating that it gives purpose and meaning to their everyday life while at the same time is bringing transformation to others. You may not feel called to go to Peru (although he’d like to take you) but every one of us needs this kind of a catalyst to help us fully depend on God. When you stretch outside your comfort zone and trust at this level you reach the boiling point and you are changed.

Changed to bring Change
Ultimately we are changed to bring change. God works to create real life in Jesus in us so that we can be His son or daughter, working with our Father, to bring this change to others. If this happens our friends come to a saving faith in Jesus. Families are transformed by love and purpose. Marriages are united in mutual passion. Community groups are energized by stories of amazing grace. They grow and new groups emerge with new leaders. The Good News spreads to other communities. New services, new missional communities, new venues, campuses and churches are born. The ripple effect reaches greater KC and beyond. This is how it happened with the first church in the book of Acts. They were changed and they brought change to the world until it eventually reached you. Don’t be the end of the chain.

Your turn
Now it is your turn to noodle? How will you let God stretch you outside your comfort zone? Have you found your spiritual gifts and are you using them? We can help you find your Peru. Have you found a place of ministry so you are a missionary to your world serving inside Indian Creek Community Church and/or outside of it?