Follow Him

The Apostle Paul was bold and courageous to say, Follow me as I follow Christ (1 Cor. 11:1).  Can you imagine the scrutiny he would engage in today’s media? With Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Google, and CNN just guess what kind of reviews he would get with riots, shipwrecks, guys falling out of windows while he preached and verbally dressing down Peter in front of his homies.


The beauty of his statement was not that he promised he would be perfect. He didn’t even claim to do what Jesus would do. He said he would follow. That is the essence of being a disciple; one willing to follow. That means you keep your leader in sight, you do what you see them doing, you don’t give up when you feel like quitting, you don’t make the rules or choose the path—you follow.


I love it that Paul had the moxie to invite others to follow him. I think whether we say it or not, that by our choice to plant a church or lead a church that reproduces, we are saying the same. Have you thought that through? What if your peeps follow Christ like you do? What if the only example your community has of what it means to be a follower of Christ is what they see in you?


I’m challenged in a positive way by Paul’s words. This is a worthy cause! Don’t be intimidated. Take up the challenge. I will. How about you?


In a day where we hear so much about leadership, let’s start this year concentrating on following—this might just be the best leadership lesson you could offer this year.


Happy New Year!