Generosity at the Creek

Yesterday people started telling me stories about generosity as soon at the services ended. Before the day was over two people wrote me about how God was at work.  Here is one of them I will share the other tomorrow.


To be completely honest when I sat down in church this morning I sighed to myself at the thought of hearing one more sermon on giving. I have been going to a Christian church since I was born and it seems like I have always been a Christ follower, so I have heard PLENTY of sermons on tithing and have a hard time feeling challenged to do anything new


after today's sermon I was undone…



I have never in my 30 years witnessed or took part in anything so genuine or tangible when it comes to generosity to give now – and see God work later.  At the risk of authenticity – it has been hard to stop crying as I replay the show of generosity and the sincere hearts of the pastors encouraging such a heartfelt act.



As a family, we do tithe and the only cash my husband and I carried this morning was our weekly allowance – which we gave joyfully. I'll spare you of all the details but within two hours of leaving the church God brought to us four times the amount we put in! NOT that we gave to receive BUT we just couldn't believe that that was a coinsidence. 



Thank you for your dedication to the believers – thank you for spurring generosity in new ways – and thank you for showing us in REAL ways what Christ would desire from his people I admire your bold faith and I will never forget what I saw God's people do today! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement as we look for new ways to be generous this week



Melissa LaFreniere


Thanks Melissa for sharing your story. Go God!


Gary Kendall