Generosity in Difficult Times


Today is the day we live out LOUD at Indian Creek Community Church. For two months we’ve been talking, praying and planning to give an offering to the four causes for which we are passionate. I’m hoping and praying we have our largest single day offering ever because we are GIVING IT ALL AWAY!


Here is one families’ story of their decision to tithe and give to the LIVE OUT LOUD offering dispite their difficult times financially. (I”ve changed the names). 


We would NOT miss tomorrow for anything! We’ve been looking forward to it since the LIVE OUT dinner/praise night. I wish we could bring food for the food tree but we cannot afford to purchase anything right now.  


We were faithful in our tithe that we had prayed together over and now we are trusting God to help us thru the rest of this month.  God really showed up and blessed us with gas money to get Alan to and from work these past two weeks, but we just received a phone call today that our light bill is past due and we are believing by faith that God can step in and help us out since we took our step of faith.  


Please pray for us regarding our light bill and gas money for the remainder of the month. We also lost the insurance on our car because we couldn’t pay the bill by their last deadline, pray we can find a new insurance company and fast and have the finances to be covered again, especially with the weather about to turn bad and Anthony having an hour drive to and from work. 


We saved aside our pledge to put into our chosen live out group to continue to be a blessing and continue trusting God. I can’t wait to see what the Father will be able to do thru all of the offering for our community, building fund, international and church partnerships. I believe God will do BIG things because of all the Indian Creekers giving and willing hearts to sew seeds into such fertile soil and live out HIS LOVE and purpose.

Thank you for leading such an amazing “home” at ICCC for my family and the community of families around that I know feel the same of how you, Belinda, and all of the Creeker Staff do the Lord’s work. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!  


Will you pray with me that God not only meets the needs around the corner and around the world but that He also provides for the light bill, gas money and insurance from this faithful couple?  Thanks. God is going to do GOD sized things through us if we will let him.