Generosity story Part Two


Here is part two from the story where Rick felt led to give $200 to a complete stranger. Here is Kevin's story:

To God be the glory. There is more to the story…My wife and I gave to a childrens ministry in Brazil. I wanted to save the funds for the trip there but the Lord had us give it. We obeyed. Now we've recieved back over double what we gave. There is an old saying, You can't out give God.

Rick:  Well Gary, as you can see God was at his usual best.  To see how God worked out this whole reverse offering, wow! The reverse offering done on Sunday had effects all the way to Brazil.  To know a Children's ministry was involved brings tears to my eyes.  I know that he also received money from the offering so this is one of those stories that will be told for ages about God's provisions.

Thank you for doing the reverse offering.  To know this far reaching effect strengthens ones faith. 

Gary Kendall says, Wohoo!  How true!  Praise God! Keep the stories coming.