Global Live Out Fun Facts

I shared these at Indian Creek today, they are fun facts about our global live out:

Did you know that Indian Creek lives out globally in four countries around the world? S. Africa, China, Peru and India.  We’ve specifically chosen to concentrate on unreached people groups.

Did you know that we set a goal of sending 75 persons on global mission this year and every year for the next five years?

We are at 25 with four months to go. You could add 11 more if you counted those who went with us from other churches. We have 2 more trips and at least 6 persons planning to go before year-end.

Did you know that our Community Center in Kwadick, South Africa, is being used as a model for ministry in S. Africa by Oceans of Mercy? The kids that we sponsor in the school there won the soccer tournament for that region. We have a team of 5 going there next month.

Did you know we have a team of women in Hydrobad, India, at this moment to lead 3 women’s conferences? There is another team of men and women going in Feb. for an eyewitness mission.

Did you know we are partnering with the KC India Project to plant 580 churches in one of the most resistant places in the world over the next 5 years?

Did you know that two teams recently returned from China where Creekers led a Soccer Clinic and taught English as a Second Language? There were breakthroughs there that I can’t speak about publicly but I’d love to tell you privately if you ask. 

Did you know that we serve 31 villages and 5,500 persons in our partnership in Peru? We’ve sent more to Peru (12) than any other country this year.

There is a lot more to the global live out story. You can Click Here to learn more and discover how you can participate in completing the mission of Jesus.