Good Morning from halfway around the Globe!


Good Morning from halfway around the globe traveling with www.projectpartner with whom we partner in China!

We have been traveling for half a week just to get where we came to serve and it was so worth it! Yesterday our friends took us to a remote part of the area they serve to see a village deep in the mountains. There we metfriends of our father who are taking good news to a people that have never heard. The life is planted, growing and bearing much fruit. It was exciting to hear the stories and obvious in the faces of those we met! They have next to nothing physically but internally they are rich.

One of the plans for sustainability is to supply goats to the farmers who lead the team here. Our friends supply two or three goats a year which becomes a renewable resource. They pay for themselves in 18 months through the milk they provide and their reproduction. The lea ers take turns watching the herd a week at a time. Since they trade that responsibility around the others have that week to serve the people in other ways.

We support our friends by providing goats. A gift of $120 is a gift that keeps on giving. A small sacrifice for us becomes a means by which physical needs are met half way around the world. It is a humanitarian project providing a renewable resource. It provides s a means to a living for those who feel called to serve in other ways. A benefit is that it helps our friends grow. Thank you for the part you play in sponsoring life in word and deed. We truly are better together.