Healthy Growing Churches Multiplication

We often think following God is about taking risks and pressing in. This last October I had a different experience. I felt led to resign my position as the Director of Healthy Growing Churches Multiplication (we work to multiply healthy leaders and churches across the U.S.). We’ve worked with 80+ churches in the last ten years and I love what I do. I also love those I get to work with  but I felt led to step down. As I checked my spirit the over-riding conviction I had inside was that it needed more than I could give it. My first priority is my commitment to Indian Creek Community Church. On a good week the best I could give HGCM is 10 hours a week. Since we’ve had a great team, Tom Planck and Patsy Wootton the sum was better than the individual parts. But HGCM needed more and for that to happen I needed to step aside and ask that we hire someone who could lead full time. I can serve as a planting coach in the future but we need someone who wakes up thinking about planting churches across our nation. I wake up thinking and praying about how to grow and serve Indian Creek (and I’m glad I do).  I officially resigned as the Director of HGCM after Thanksgiving. This last week I participated in the meeting where we chose my successor. It is HGC’s privilege to make that announcement but I write to say that during the meeting I felt the affirmation of the Holy Spirit saying, Good job. Good job stepping aside. Good job recognizing the cause needed a different leader. Good job not making it personal. This move is designed to help us lead more people to Jesus and plant churches who will do the same. Sometimes obedience isn’t pressing forward. Sometimes the risk is in stepping back not forward. Sometimes it doesn’t put money in your pocket–it is a negative move financially. But what matters most is obedience. I admit I’m grieving over the loss but I’m celebrating in my soul that I could hear an invitation I didn’t want to hear and obey so that God’s best can be done. I needed to close one door so another could open for someone else. God knows what He is doing and I’m excited about the future for HGCM. The best is yet to come.