I Am Second

“I Am Second”
What an intriguing statement! Doesn’t it just beg a question? Second to whom? And that is the point! I Am Second is a national movement proposing that we raise curiosity in the minds of friends by wearing the question on a hat, wrist band, coat or shirt. Please not a bumper sticker!
Hopefully the statement will provoke a question. And when it does here is another twist, you don’t give the answer! You point them toward a Website: http://www.iamsecond.com/.
On the Website they will find stories from names they recognize. There are testimonials from virtually every walk of life, athletes, entertainers, authors, media, business, social sector, etc. In 3-5 minute chunks of time your friend can hear the story of God’s work in the lives of these people. They can click through various pages on the site and find everything from how to receive Christ to how to find a small group. It is non-threatening and people can stay only as long as they feel compelled to visit. This takes the pushy nature of some evangelistic efforts out of the picture.
Your role is to check back with them later to see if they heard something they want to discuss further. Then with the relationship you already have you lead them into next steps. It could be introducing them to Christ. You may want to pop open your laptop and watch some with them and talk about what you hear. You may want to invite them to a group you are leading. But in any case you’ll likely already know you have an interested friend.
I Am Second puts the ball on the tee for you to share your story of God’s love in your life. With Easter coming this is a great tool to put in the hands of the people you lead. If we want people to be inviters we need to give them tools and I don’t know of a better one out there right now than I Am Second.