I Love this Church

When my Dad died last Saturday night one of the things it meant was that I would not get to share a message that I enjoyed writing. Actually Ben Stears, Steve Southards and I wrote this together. I was looking forward to sharing it. I knew after the events of the week ended like they did that I wouldn’t have the emotional strength to share so Steve shared very well on Sunday in my place. I’m glad he did and I’m thankful once again in still another way for the ministry of Indian Creek.

But I do want to share the message so I’m going to offer it I love this church.docx. There is content here that didn’t get shared on Sunday because we ran out of time. The interview with James Vogt was super and you may want to watch that on the media podcast. Just go the Web Site, click on media and choose last week’s service, part B.

Thanks for the great outpouring of love and support for my family. The Celebration service for my Dad, Paul Kendall, is tonight at 6 p.m. at Indian Creek. Here is another reason why I love the Church with a capital C.