I Saw what I Saw and I Can't Forget It

I copied this from my Belinda Kendall’s blog (my wife):

From the very first trip to India in 2001 and every trip since my heart is constantly drawn there! I cannot forget that when I take a simple drink of water, millions of people do not live with that luxury! When I choose to use any of THREE facilities in my home to relieve myself, millions do not have even walking access to one clean place! When I open my Bible to read the Truth in my own language, millions do not have the Word of God in their own language available even if they could locate and/or afford The Book! When I love on my precious grand daughters, countless baby girls are discarded, abandoned or killed because of their sex! When I sit in the Light of God’s Word and enjoy the peace of His presence in my heart and life, millions have NEVER heard the name of Jesus!
Why do I continue to travel to India? Because I cannot NOT go!

If you would like a chance to meet Sam in person you can come to Room 018, on the Indian Creek Olathe campus at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow, March 8, 2013. Please come. If you’d like to eat please contact Belinda at Belinda.Kendall@indiancreek.org