In between

One of the things I like about this time of year is the ability to look back at one year in review and at the same time preview the year to come. Perspective is priceless. As we reflect and contemplate the past it gives us greater perspective for today and tomorrow.
The last few years we’ve spent the in-between time in Kentucky with Belinda’s family. It is a great break with loved ones we wish we could see more often. This adds to the feeling of getting a break between years and the rest gives me fresh clear vision.
I ask for as much humility and discernment as possible from God and then dissect the good, the bad and the ugly of the last twelve months. There are things that bring a smile, a laugh, a sigh and a prayer. My heart fills with gratitude over people who made progress possible. I relish the many times God gave grace and treated us better than deserved. I challenge my assumptions and take a fresh look at what worked to understand why. I try not to flinch when I admit there were things that didn’t work and seek to learn why. Leading up to this time I invite others to speak into the mix to give a 360 degree view. During this time I reflect on what I’ve heard. I don’t strive for perfection but look for progress.
One of the things I enjoy about Kentucky is the peace and quiet. When I go for a run in the country here you can hear the birds and the wind blowing through the trees. It seems like time stands still.
Looking forward is exciting. Belinda and I took the opportunity to look through the year to come and set aside time for family, vacation and the accomplishment of some personal goals. We noted the upcoming events already scheduled for the ministries we love. We are already praying, planning and looking ahead to see how God will direct our steps. We have big dreams because we serve a BIG God. His love is unfailing and His mercies are new every day. We love Him more than ever and all we’ve experienced so far gives us greater confidence to trust Him for the unknowns of the future.
When the scriptures say, Be still and know that I am God there is a very good reason. I feel refreshed by embracing the in-between times.