Indian Creek Retreat

Tomorrow we have a staff prayer retreat at Tall Oaks retreat center. Please pray with us for God to direct our steps and fill us with His Spirit. We want to listen to each other and listen to God. I’m excited to begin the roll out of a process called Church Unique. We’ve been calling it Creek Unique. It’s allowed us to take a fresh look at our Mission, Our Values, Our Strategy and our Measures. These come together to form a Vision Proper. 

A group of twelve lay leaders and paid staff worked with Greg Wiens, who served as a consultant, to help us get to the place where we could begin the roll out the the next level of leaders who will contribute to it. This August we will continue refining it and bring it to the congregation. We believe it looks backward and forward. It stands on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before us and it looks forward to the next season of life at Indian Creek. We are believing God for a point of inflection where the work of God in us will bring about new life and growth. 

We will begin work in our Campus Teams tomorrow, Tuesday, to script the Mountain Tops and Milestones so we can speak with succinct clarity about the future in a way that motivates and inspires. These will ultimately lead to goals and tactics that become the ministry of the future. Now you see why I’m excited and especially aware of our need for God. We are dependent on Him because it is His church and we are the stewards of it. We want Indian Creek to reach its full redemptive potential. Thanks for your prayers.