This week I had the chance to meet “Brother Yun” the former leader of the Chinese Underground Church. He is sometimes called The Heavenly Man because there is a book by that title which describes his many imprisonments. He is one of the three who conceived the Back to Jerusalem movement. I read the book several years ago never imagining that I would have the privilege of meeting him. I was amazed at his energy and the obvious evidence of the Holy Spirit. He was imprisoned 5 times for over 10 years. He was often tortured for his faith but there isn’t even a trace of bitterness in him. His joy and his drive were inspiring.  He went around the room shaking every hand and asking please help us reach the Chinese with the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. The Chinese church has committed to raise 1,000,000 missionaries in the next forty years. I felt the witness of the Holy Spirit that God is doing a remarkable work and it deserves our participation. I’ve been energized all week and I’m praying about what God would have us do to support what He is already doing.