Invite to Christmas Eve

One service can change everything! This year I heard a story that I will always remember when it comes to Christmas Eve. A young lady came to Indian Creek for the first time on Christmas Eve. She’d been away from God and away from any church for some time. When she attended on Christmas Eve she knew she was “home.” She rededicated her life and she came often for months. During the year she learned she had cancer. It was a fast growing kind of cancer and she didn’t live very long. However, when she left for eternity she left with a peace about her relationship with God and with peace about her past. I’m so glad she she on Christmas Eve. I don’t know where she would have been without what happened at that service.


People are more open to an invitation at Christmas than at other times in the year. Will you invite your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers? You aren’t just inviting them to your church you are inviting them to experience the truth of Christmas which is “God is with us.”  It could impact their life for eternity. Tomorrow you will receive an invitation email. Please forward it on to your email string of friends and family. Offer to meet them at the Creek at either the Gardner or Olathe campus, whichever one you attend.


This is one of the ways we can continue the mission of Christ at Christmas!


Gary Kendall