I pray for opportunities to share God's love and I stay on the look-out for those people God would put in my path.  I know I miss chances but I will share some of the very fun things God is doing. Here are a few stories from the last week.

I don't usually run in the middle of the day for a variety of reasons but I'm getting in 2-3 4+ mile runs a week. Last Saturday my schedule was messed up and I thought, if I'm going to get in a run I better do it now. I took off for the trail. About 3 miles in I passed a guy walking who looked like he was ready to go to work–that is unusual attire for the trail. As I ran by I thought, I think I know him and began to rack my brain to remember his name. At that moment he called out, Gary?, in a rather surprised voice. It was Mike a guy I met in Breakthrough. We stopped and chatted. He caught me up on the latest in his life and I invited him to Indian Creek. He came the next day and wants to get involved.

On Monday I ran into a woman named Jane. I've invited her to Alpha multiple times. I realized that the first session was this Wednesday. I remembered where I saw her, ran over to the church, grabbed a Alpha brochure and went back to where I last saw her. Sure enough she was still there but she was engaged in a conversation. I wrote out all the pertinent information and gave it to her. She was kind and seemed to appreciate it. I watched anxiously for her to come on Wed and she didn't come so I'll keep praying. 

Friday I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. We had a good time, if you can call it that. As I prepared to leave she said, I've been coming to your church for 3-4 months now and I love it. She shared how that the service last service really spoke to her. I told her that was surely the Holy Spirit.  The point is that I've invited her many times over the years and never knew if any of it would take. Obviously God was at work even when I didn't know.

Today I started to take a walk and before I even got out of my driveway a young man rode up on his bike. He is a student at Olathe East. A big black dog had been chasing him so he asked if we could call animal control. Of course the answer was yes. As we waited for them to come I got the chance not only to invite him to church but to give him some breakfast and tell him about God's love. I shared how that God loved us so much He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sin. I told him about accepting Christ and shared how to pray. He was interested but non-committal. The animal control never showed so after about one-half hour of talking he decided it was safe to resume his ride. Why do you think he stopped at our house?

This is all in one week and it is an example of what can happen if you keep praying, God please reveal your love through me. Will you join me in sharing the Good News of Jesus?  By the way, the names are changed but the stories are real and what God is doing is not finished yet.

Gary Kendall