It's A Christmas Miracle

I took my two and one-half year old grandson, Landon, to see Christmas lights recently. One of the displays had syncopated lights to a TSO tune. Landon was in awe. At the end he said, Its’ a Christmas miracle!” I love his enthusiasm even if there is more to Christmas than he knows!

Today I read the story of how God met a couple in our church, the Indian Creek Community Church, at a time when they were down and nearly out. The way He lovingly and skillfully helped them recover started a flow of tears. Financially they were set and then a job loss and hospital stay took them to the bottom. They depended on food pantries and went hungry at times. Now they are on their feet again and thanking God for a three year journey into humility and need. Is it any wonder they regularly volunteer at our food pantry to help others and tell them about a Savior that is available for all? Talk about a Christmas miracle!

Two months ago I sat with a couple in our prayer room at church while they talked and cried. They openly weighed whether they could continue their marriage after a grievous betrayal. They honestly sought God and humbled themselves in a way that moves me now just thinking about it. Two weeks ago I met with them again and the restoration accomplished in their lives and marriage is a breathtaking journey. They’ve worked hard! They are making progress and still have a healing road ahead. God’s finger prints are all over their lives. I saw them Sunday and they were radiant. Another Christmas miracle!

Yesterday we had our year end conference Healthy Growing Churches conference call with church planters around the nation. I heard multiple stories where the power of God divinely enabled life change. Families in Chicago are able to provide for their children in an empowering way at Christmas because of the Mission church gift mart. A room in NY City was packed with young donors and interested potentials to support the next season of ministry for a two year old church, Skyline Community, started from scratch in the center of the city. A new campus is starting in a theatre in Orange County, CA. In Kansas City a Christmas for the Kids partnership with local grade school is serving over 200 children. Yes Landon, its’ a Christmas miracle!

We are folding CMA into Healthy Growing Churches after a year of working as one to see if the chemistry and mission is true to the heartbeat in both ministries. It is! We are one ministry with more potential than ever. We keep the best of both but we are better together! We will serve more churches and leaders and we will serve better. Its’ a Christmas miracle!

We have a front row seat to the reality that a baby born in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago is still changing lives today! Someday I pray my grandson, Landon, will know that the miracle of Christmas goes far beyond a few lights and a great tune. The ripple effect of the way that God uses you, your church and Healthy Growing Churches causes me to exclaim as loud and with as much wonder as my grandson today, It’s a Christmas miracle!