KC Adopt a Region in India

Do you want to hear a recent story of loaves and fish? Sometimes all you need to do is to be the first to share and your gift becomes a catalyst for a miracle. When Sam Stephens came to KC recently he cast a vision to churches and leaders to adopt a region in India. He called it the KC India Adopt a Region project. Indian Creek was willing to step out and make a five year commitment to be an anchor church. We pledged $75,000 over five years to get the work started. But the goal was huge–780,000 plus over five years to reach 562 or more villages in a state that needs to remain unnamed here. I was feeling like our amount was to small to make a difference but it was like offering what we had.

Just like Jesus feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish our gift started the miracle that quickly outgrew us. Colonial Pres heard about the project and decided that they wanted to participate. God led them and their pastor, Jim West, to take on the entire region. They came up with an ingenious plan to ask their families for a $25 a month commitment over five years, and they were to pray daily for their village. Their $300 a year commitment would enable their church body to take on all $780,000 villages if they have the strong response they are selecting. Isn’t that a miracle? 

One man said God woke him up in the middle of the night and asked him to take on 100 villages all by himself. Sam has 40 church planters ready as soon as the first funds come it. By May we should be releasing them to begin. What will we do if Colonial can adopt the whole region? We will rejoice and begin again in the next neighboring village and region. There are at least 11 unreached people groups in this rural area on the western side of the country. The number of Christ followers is less than 2%. 

Now two other churches have come forward to say that they want to participate. I think we should dream, pray, plan and give to adopt the whole southern half of the district. I can’t tell you where online but ask me in person. There has been some significant persecution there so we need to prayerfully respect their need to be confidential about the location of their work. 

Would you pray? Would you give? That $300 a year is very do-able. There are churches and individuals who would love to participate if someone else clears the path which is exactly what is happening here. A team will go in August to do an Eyewitness mission. Eric Rochester is leading that trip. There is a team of women who are going to teach in September and Belinda Kendall is leading that team. Would you consider going? Or maybe you would send someone else who will go.

Just think, in the 2000 years since Jesus gave us the Great Commission, this group has never heard the Good News. Let’s change that! Let’s bless the people and also the heart of our father. Give what you have. It may not seem like much in the face of overwhelming odds but it might just be the the very thing God uses to begin a miracle.