Learning from our Partners

I heard some stories I have to pass on. I went to lunch with four of our partners. We discussed some potential camps and/or clinics they have in mind that need our support—preferably by sending high school or college age students. Their vision and determination was inspiring. I love the way that they do outreach as second nature. It would be the only way to reach their nation. Honestly, I think the U.S. has very similar needs but that is a different subject.

Toward the end of the lunch I asked them to tell me how they came to find real life in Jesus. Their stories had me fighting back tears. None of them had a church background. Each of them was reached through all of the ways that we teach. They came across Christianity through need meeting outreaches. Each had a friend or family member who was persistent in prayer and sharing their faith. They each had some kind of a mentor or teacher who saw something in them and gave extra effort to help them develop their faith. Now they are serving on staff doing for others what was done for them and recruiting our students to help them here.

I shared that one of the reasons why we encourage Creekers to participate in mission is because we want to support our partners. But another is because we want our partners to rub off on us. Every time I come I am inspired in fresh new ways with the ministry we support. I hope they are as pleased with the partnership with us as I am with them