Living Out at the Creek

Yesterday was one of those unexpected encouraging days. My day ended up with three appointments with three people I didn’t know personally. They all happened to be women who participate at the Creek and feel like God is calling them to step up how they live out. All three meetings took place in the cafe and were back to back to back.

The first conversation centered around the Food Pantry and the Heartfeeder’s Missional Community. A volunteer was stepping up to offer her talents and experience in some new ways to help the Food Pantry move from “relief” to “community development.” That story probably deserves it’s own blog but for now let me just say, I was excited to hear her passion and grateful for the level of volunteerism she was offering.

Next I learned about a lady who came to America as an immigrant student. She struggled to learn the culture and language but eventually graduated and got a good job. She told me several sad stories about the plight of the immigrant. Did you know the suicide rate is really high? She decided to offer her home and assistance these last six years to immigrant students and presently has 6 living with her. She met with me because I talked about advocacy for the immigrant in a message a couple of weeks ago. She wants to start a not-for-profit to provide help and legal support. I had several really good leads for her. I walked away shaking my head at her courage and determination. What a heart!

Then I met with a Creeker who had my total attention as she told about taking us up on the challenge to pray one bold prayer last year. ┬áTo make a long story short she walked away from a high paying job that had her traveling the world with a lot of perks because she felt like God was asking her to join Him in using her talents a different way. She shared the vision she has to create a way to develop women who want to move from a stay at home mom or a second career to success in the marketplace. She’s working with twenty ladies now and has never been happier but she dreams of the day when 50 or more are developing and growing.

I walked to my car shaking my head and feeling privileged to be in the middle of a move of God as people live out the love of Jesus.