Living SENT


I felt convicted to write a book that would help people exploring faith to find their way back to God. I believed if I wrote it well it could also encourage beginners to grow to be like Jesus. That was about 18 months ago. 

The result is backwards: Created to Live SENT. The title provokes curiosity. At first it seems backwards to live for anything other than self. But after finding your way back to God you realize you were made for more. You were created for a purpose greater than self. You are created to live SENT.

When Jesus left He said, “As the Father sent me, so I send you.” John 20:21 You were created to live SENT. It is the Jesus’ life–on mission and on purpose all the time. As you live it you not only grow to be like Jesus but you continue His mission. 

I have people say to me from time to time, Am I really supposed to be like Jesus? Can anyone really live up to that? Yes, that’s the real goal and Jesus said you can do it. In the book I lay out a simple, easy to remember process. It is built around 3Ls. These are characteristics of the Jesus’ life. We love God, love people and live out the love of Jesus. This is what it looks like to live SENT.

You can do it and the book not only tells you how but it is full of stories of people who are on the journey. You’ll laugh, cry and be inspired to try.

Ready to get started? You can buy the paperback version here. Or if you prefer you can buy the Kindle ebook here.