Maveling at the goodness of God

Today we were advised by the doctor to hold off moving to hospice until at least Monday. It is not that things have changed a lot but last night reversed a several day trend where the vitals grew worse each day. My Dad held his own and they want to see if this starts a new trend. We think it is all the prayers. Keep them coming because they are carrying us during these difficult days. Thank you.

As you can imagine it is hard to hang between life and death even if you know where you are going. Dad doesn’t know whether to fight for life or to accept what appears to be the present course. I told him that God knows the number of his days and he is going to live every one of them. He won’t miss one. Psalm 39:4. Evidently God has more for him here even in these last days which is fine with us.

I woke up this morning with the song, Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand but I know Who holds the future and I know Who holds my hand, on my mind. As I laid in bed before I got up I thought, I love God more now after going through this than ever before. I trust Him more. I see His providence. I embrace His plan. I welcome the way He knows how to usher His own into eternity. Who would have though that you could go through something like this watching the way it affects my Mom and my Dad and come out marveling at the goodness of God?