More than Conquorers, what does that mean?

If you are a planter or a high capacity leader you are no doubt wired to storm the gates of hell with a squirt gun at times. Don’t forget that the battle that rages around setting people free is a life and death one that has been going on since creation. Many really strong, godly leaders have taken on a lot of fire from the enemy.


It is often helpful to admit we don’t know it all. We need to square things up from time to time, swallow hard and admit we were wrong about this or that. We do have feet of clay because we are human. We have fears. We have dreams that get dashed for a variety of reasons and it hurts. And yet it’s true what the scripture says, we are more than conquerors. 


I wonder what does MORE than conquerors mean? Isn’t being a conqueror enough? Maybe the more is what is happening inside of us. We’ve got to deal with that too by God’s grace. And the Spirit is ready and willing to heal and restore us. Maybe that is the most important thing you will do today.