More Than Enough

Happy Easter! He is risen! And you reply…He is risen Indeed!

The theme for this Easter at Indian Creek is More than Enough. We can easily get lost in the feeling that dominates our culture that more is never enough. How much do you need to live on? Just a little bit more. We are one experience short of being satisfied. One friendship short of finding approval in our relationships.How many friends do you have on Facebook? Twitter? And on and on it goes. We are often caught in the trap of more, more, more.

We learned today that when we find real life in Jesus, He, and only He can truly satisfy. He is more than enough. In Him we find approval, value, purpose and meaning. We could lose everything and if we have Him we would still have enough. The converse of that is also true, without Him we could have everything and still not have enough. Where do we find more? We find it from Jesus. And when we do He is more than enough!

Many of us wrote that truth on our hands. I’ve washed mine several times but I can still clearly see the image. I guess that is good, right! Evidently I need a constant reminder today.

I wish you a very happy Easter! The tomb is empty! And the really good news is that it is empty every day. We celebrate today what we can celebrate every day–His victory reaches us! But today we celebrate like no other day because He is worthy. And today we love Him even more than yesterday. 

Today there were people who chose Christ for the first time at both campuses, in Gardner and Olathe. That just never gets old–just ask Jesus!