My Life on Hold

I’ve never experienced a time in my life where I put everything on hold to serve like I served these last two weeks. What a privilege. I know there are many who are a pro at this. My wife, Belinda, is one who will drop everything to serve someone in a time of need and I admire her for it. My mom devoted her last seven years to basically letting everything else go to serve my Dad. What service! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad I did what I did.

I don’t give myself any credit for doing this; I’m simply remarking what a sacrificial service it is to put your life on hold to help someone else. It might be the greatest sacrifice. There is a lot to learn just sitting beside a hospital bed waiting to be summoned for a sip of water or to do some errand your love one can’t (like get the bedpan).

It makes me appreciate the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He is always ready to listen when we want to talk. He promised never to leave us or forsake us. He is constantly supplying our needs even when we don’t recognize His help. He protects us from who knows what!

I also appreciate Indian Creek and the staff who’ve handled nearly all my responsibilities so I could put my life on hold. It is a learning experience and a place where I know I need to grow.

If you haven’t heard the details yet, my Dad’s Celebration service is Thursday, Feb 4, 6 P.M., at Indian Creek Community Church, Olathe, KS. In lieu of flowers the family request donations to the Paul Kendall Memorial Fund at Cornerstone Bank, Overland Park, KS

Thanks for your tremendous support and all the prayers offered on our family’s behalf.