New Thing Network at Exponential

Do you ever eat something that you know from the first taste that you’ll love it? Other things have to grow on you. Belinda is trying to acquire a taste for coffee but it just isn’t happening for her. On the other side of things I am eating up the teaching of New Thing Network while here at the Exponential Conference. Jon and Dave Ferguson are the founders and they lead the field in developing churches that reproduce to form a movement. I’m eating it up.

I’ve been trying to find someone serving this kind of meat for the dreams God’s given for years. To change metaphors, I often feel like I”m speaking Spanish in attempting to create a reproducing movement in a city and nation. Now here is a team of people speaking advanced Spanish. But I understand it and it gives me handles, illustrations and talking points for communicating what can happen as we help people find their way back to God.

From there we seek to connect them into groups that reproduce and reach their neighborhoods. They bring transformation in the community by being the hands and feet of Christ. When there are several groups in a community they have the nucleus for a new campus. Lives are changed, families are healed, communities are transformed and eventually we reach a city together. That’s the dream and today God is feeding that dream, speaking Spanish to me and helping me understand He is in it.