No Neutral

We had a day where we could do some sightseeing and shopping yesterday. It was a welcome break. We loved the gondolas on Lantau Island however the large Buddha statue was a different story. The place felt oppressive. The Holy Spirit reminded me that we are at war in the spirit. There is no neutral. Either a person is in rebellion against Jesus or serving him. It isn’t that there is nothing to the Buddha worship. The power is in the demonic that surrounds it.

He also reminded me that He loves every person I see as much as He loves me. I’m not here as a consumer. I’m here as an obedient son sent to do my Father’s will.

Last night I experienced a lot of spiritual warfare. It is not surprising. There was a sweet victory after a time of struggle. I told Kristen about it in the morning and she described it in a very accurate way. Ask me about it personally when I get back and I will tell you. Thanks so much for praying for us all the way through to the end. The enemy loves kick backs and if he can get some in he will. I’m glad that we serve the One, True, Living God and that we are covered by the sacrifice of Jesus. It is a joy to do His will even if we suffer for Him.