Odd and Even

When I attend Alpha class at Indian Creek I sit at a different table every week to get to know the Alpha participants. A few weeks ago I heard a woman telling about how God revealed Himself to her. It was a great story. It had a very unusual start–she was in a conversation with her son about divorce. She said everyone has a father and a mother they just don't always have both of them living with them.

The son, who was about ten, said, that's not true.

She said yes it was, and they went back and forth a time or two. Finally she said, who are you thinking about.

He said, you know, Odd and Even, the first humans!

She said, Odd and Even, who are you talking about, do you mean Adam and Eve?

Oh, yeah, that's who I mean, he said, rather embarrassed. She said, I've got to get my kids back in church–and that's how the journey started. I love it, no matter how it happens!

Gary Kendall