Off to a Great Start in Hong Kong

Our team is assembled! We arrived at different times from different places but we spend yesterday hanging out, team building, shopping and sight seeing in Hong Kong. I think God put this team together in a great way. We have Bubba Gaeddert who works as a Program Director for the Y and leads soccer camps regularly. We have Jackie Hollman who played for the USA women’s under 18 team and won a gold medal as a female star and Kyle Mullins, an intern at Indian Creek, who played on a state final runner up team a few years ago for Olathe East. Those two are the headliners. Kristen Levitt will teach the stretching exercises using yoga. I’m here to ensure good relationships with our partners and to provide spiritual leadership.¬†

I’ve shared this story fairly broadly so you may have heard it but we had a church ask for this trip and our partners planned it around their idea. Then they dropped out at the last minute putting the camp in jeopardy. Our partners had already secured the facility, and a good one at that. It is one of the places the national team practices. When we heard about the potential loss we started pulling on every contact we could and we are thrilled with the outcome¬†

We start the camp tomorrow. We are real excited. We will be active from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. so the schedule is tough. We have 90-100 degree temps with heavy humidity so pray for our health. We will have to stay hydrated. It is a five day camp. In the evening there are activities so we can get to know the campers and share our stories. There is a lot to pray for and eternity is at stake. Please be a part of this camp in prayer. Thanks.