OKC story

We have our second team in Moore, OK, today working with Shartel Church of God. It is deep in our hearts at Indian Creek to help with the recovery.  Here is a story from an Indian Creek family who moved to Moore and works at Mid-America Christian University, Clark and Brenda Barefoot. This was from a note Brenda wrote and she gave me permission to share: 

MACU had made the announcement that we could leave due to the severe weather that was approaching. We ran home because I was worried about Misty (my miniature schnauzer). By the time we got home the weather was changing very quickly – we could tell something was happening towards Newcastle.

Clark and I had thought about leaving and going back to MACU, but something told me no, to stay put. Channel 9 news had just reported a funnel cloud near Newcastle. We looked out the front of our house and we could see the funnel cloud coming towards us. Clark and I went into the closet, and just sat there listening to the TV saying that the storm was approaching 149th street, which is within ½ mile of our house and the news stated that it quickly went from a F2 to at least an F5. I just sat there thinking about Staci, Matt, and my family in Indiana. I had texted Matt and told him that I loved him and to tell Staci that I loved her. 

Gary, seriously I thought this was it…..we could hear the tornado as it approached. Clark and I looked at each other, hugged each other and said we loved each other. Then I just started praying the Lord’s Prayer over and over, and asking God to please protect us. Clark and I were both saying the Lord’s Prayer, and the closer the tornado came, the louder it became. We could hear things hitting the house and the house shook. As the tornado approached even closer, I asked God again for His angels to protect us, and then a calmness came over me. I felt something – like a quiet voice –whispering it was oaky. I continued praying over and over.

Then suddenly it was quiet…Misty was calm and wanted to go out of the closet. As we got out of the closet, we looked around the inside our home. The roof was still intact, the windows were still there, and everything look “normal”, until we went outside. Gary, chaos was everywhere. The houses on both sides of us sustain damaged. All the homes near us had broken windows, roofs or garages completely gone, one house was taken off its foundation. A lot of these homes had debris stuck in the side of the homes. One neighbor had pieces of fence that had struck his home and it went through to his bedroom. And yet here was our home….minimal damage.

Our home is okay. But so many people lost everything and went through so much more than Clark and I did. I am struggling because we are okay and our home is okay. I want to tell people that God was there in that closet with us. I want to tell people how God protected us and to give Him the glory. Because He did protect us. 

If we would have left the house to go back to MACU, we would have been in the direct path of the tornado. We would not have made it. How can I give God His glory and not sound narcissistic or boasting about myself?

Brenda Barefoot

I wrote her back to say that obviously God protected them and there are times we must let God be God without understanding in our human limitation. Jesus died for all of us and there will be a day everyone of us leaves this life–no exceptions. He alone has the key to life and death. It is part of our humility and trust to depend on His wisdom. So don’t be shy if He let’s you live to give Him glory. At the same time be sober and respectful to those who lost  everything. Weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Thanks Brenda for sharing.