Only God

Two years ago I was on a two week mission trip. During the trip I got to know my translator, a university student well. We had lots of time to talk on the bus between stops. She was dating a young man who was not a believer and she questioned whether she should stay in the relationship. At the end of the trip our team gathered around her and prayed that she would discern God’s will. Most importantly, we prayed that the boyfriend would choose life in Christ. She felt like God told her to stay in the relationship and be a witness to her boyfriend. We supported her decision.

This year I met my translator and he told me, are you ready for this, that he is the boyfriend of the previous translator.  I couldn’t believe it! That was two years ago! This is a new team! I was in a completely different part of the country!

As we sat and talked today I found it surreal that I was sitting next to the very person I’d prayed to come to Christ. I assumed he had chosen to follow Christ. I asked him to tell me the story and he said he is in the process of deciding. We had a great talk about Jesus, the Bible, faith and the things that only God can give—peace and purpose. I invited him to pray but he said he needs more time. He is reading the New Testament and has started attending church.

Can you believe this? Only God! What are the odds? I can hardly wait to see the rest of the story unfold. Will you pray with me for my new friend to know the love of Jesus personally? Thanks for your prayers so far—obviously they are working.