Our Team is on Site

Many of you who follow Living SENT, Indian Creek and Project Partner know we have a team in Asia for a medical mission. They made it safely and they begin work today as we are going to bed. They had some unusual travel arrangements but they handled them just fine. They will work alongside our in country partners who provide most of the medical ability. They know the culture and language so they take the lead. Together they will do physicals, eye exams, hearing tests, height/weight, AIDS awareness and character skill building. This takes place in rural areas where the need is the greatest. The doctors and nurses work with the local hospitals and clinics to teach and train. A good way to think about what happens is to remember that good deeds leads to good will which leads to good news. 

Please keep the team in your prayers this week. It makes a huge difference. If you are praying, pray for safety, for health, for wisdom regarding the culture, for spiritual vitality, for meaningful contribution, for discernment to have the right words at the right time, for a Phil 2 attitude and divine guidance. You can check www.projectpartner.org for updates. Thanks so much. If Belinda can get WIFI she will post on her blog at: http://www.belindakendall.typepad.com/