Our Turn to Receive

Thanks for being the life giving community you are to me and to my family. I’m at the hospital today with my Dad and he is hanging in there. His kidney function is lower today so there are three options. Either his body will rally. Prayers will bring a miracle. Or if his function doesn’t improve then the waste will affect his other systems. The status right now is that he is holding steady so they are not going to do more or less for the next couple of days. We will stay at the hospital for now but plan to meet with Hospice after that or if anything changes.

We believe your prayers are giving us more time. Thank you. We’ve had the chance to talk about final plans. I wish every family could have these kind of conversations. I know it is not always like this. It certainly wasn’t when our daughter, Megan, died. It is sweet to know where my Dad is going and it is wonderful to talk as a family when there isn’t any conflict among us. I wish that for all families too.

This community of faith has surrounded us. We’ve had prayers and contacts from all over the nation. The outpouring of love on Dad’s Caring Bridge page (Paulekendall) is encouraging. We feel the prayers. We’ve had a nice flow of visitors, not overwhelming for Dad but enough to encourage him. It is different to be on this side of receiving. I don’t remember taking two days off in a row when I’ve been in town in I don’t know when. Thanks for knowing we are human and pouring into us as a family. We need it and we receive it.